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It’s No Fun

The other day, I had the privilege of doing some chores outside. There were some bushes that needed to be trimmed back. I had a little time on my hands, so I decided to knock them out.

I called to my two younger sons to come and help me. I figured that they could probably use something to burn off some energy. (Okay, their parents needed them to burn off some energy.) I put them to work hailing off small branches that I cut off.

It wasn’t long after we got started good that it began… the whining. It was coming from the youngest son. He realized that his brother had checked out. The middle son had come to the point where he realized that this was “work” not “fun.” He was done.

As my youngest son stood there in the yard, yelling for his brother to come help him, I leaned over and told him, “It’s no fun when your partners bail on you, huh?”  He made a face and went back to helping (for a little while).

no funAfter I said that to my son, I began to think about what I had said. I thought about times where I had felt the sting of that truth. Maybe it was at a job… Maybe it was on a sport’s team… Maybe it was in a church/ministry.

When God changes your life through the new birth, He places on you a task (the Great Commission) and places you in a team (a local church).

[If you have trusted Christ for salvation, but you are not involved in a local church, you are living in rebellion to God’s plan for you. Find a local, Bible-believing, on-mission fellowship and get in the game!]


When it comes to the task of the believer (making disciples), God does not expect us to work alone. He gives us two key helpers: (1) The Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17) and (2) Other believers (1 Corinthians 12:7).

While the Holy Spirit will never leave you, the other helpers may sadly. There are times when fellow believers decide to “sit this one out”… or not do their part leaving you or someone else to pick up the slack.

Paul spoke about this throughout 1 Corinthians 12. All believers make up the Body of Christ. We need each part to do its job. I may not be able to do what God has called and equipped you to do. You may not be able to do what God has called and equipped me to do. But if we each are faithful with the task that God has called us to, we will see great things.

When we decide not to do our part – maybe because it is hard or inconvenient or not as glamorous as someone else or tiring or not what we expected – it’s no fun for anyone.

Tuesday Thoughts

submitSubmission is an ugly term in our culture today.  The thought that you are to willing to place yourself under the authority of another seems ludicrous to many.  I must be honest, that there are many times throughout each day where I do not want to submit to the authorities in my life.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, submission to the God-placed authorities in my life is a must.  It is not so much about being under someone, but it is more about honoring the One who has placed those authorities over me.

When Jesus was being arrested, we see Simon Peter stepping up to defend his Master (Matthew 26:50-51).  What Jesus does and says next seems crazy at first, but He was using this moment, like the great teacher that He is, to teach an important lesson.  In Matthew 26:53-54, Jesus says that He has legions of angels at His disposal to defend Him if needed.  He did not need Simon Peter’s sword.  If He had stopped what was taking place though, then the Scriptures would not be fulfilled.

Jesus was more concerned with God’s word being held true than His own personal interests.  He had the ability to stop whatever He wanted.  Rather than exercise His power and abilities, He chose to submit fully to the Father’s will.