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Well, it is getting about that time again. The holiday season is upon us. While this means many things to different people, it means spending some time with family that we do not get to see often. 

We wanted to let our friends and family in the Huntsville, Alabama area know that we are planning on being in the area during the week of Thanksgiving. We plan on coming in on Tuesday and heading out on Friday. I know that is not long, but you can only do what you can do. 

If you are available during this time, we would love to get up with you. Feel free to contact us and see if we can work something out. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

Last night was a big night in the Stephens household.  Our middle son, Sam, has had his first “loose tooth” for a little while now.  I knew that this day would come.  I personally was dreading this day because Sam is not one to take pain or blood well.

Last night, as we were tucking the boys into bed, Sam pipes up and says, “I’m ready for my tooth to come out!”  We had been checking it and seeing how wiggly it is, and we knew that it was about time for it to come out.  So we proceeded to grab some tissues and get to work.

I was bracing for an all-out fiasco, but what I found was quite different.  Sam was so excited that he was going to get to experience this “big boy” event in his life.  The main trouble that we had was keeping him still as he couldn’t sit still from excitement.

After a little while of wiggling and pulling, out popped this little front tooth.  Sam did a little happy dance and was eager to show his onlooking brothers his tooth that was missing.  I cannot explain the relief that I had that it was not “the end of the world.”

As Sam was so eager to show his brothers his tooth that had come out, I looked at our oldest son, Drew, and said to him, “Thank you.”  You could see the confusion on Drew’s face as I said this to him.  I explained that because he had done so well with this event in his own life, his brother was not afraid to go down that path.  Drew’s example before his brothers had been one tool that had given Sam the courage to face this with no fear but rather excitement.

It is hard to see how God is using some of the events in our lives.  We may wonder, “God, how is this going to be used in any way?”  The truth is, we never really know who is watching us and how what happens in our lives can be exactly what they need to face what is coming down the road for them.

God never wastes a moment… even when it is a young boy losing a tooth.  God can use even that event to build up those around him.  Take heart and remember that God is not just working in and on your life, but He is also working through you in others’ lives as well.

This was a statement that one of my sons made to me the other night. We were getting him ready for bed and trying to get him to lay down in his bed. He made the comment that he was afraid. I tried to console him with the words that the Lord was with him so he wouldn’t be alone. 

I thought that I had got him to a point of comfort until he said, “But He is invisible! I can’t see God!”
I will be honest that this statement caught me a little off guard. I wasn’t quite expecting my 6 year old to be at that point yet. But he is. 

This got me to thinking. I wondered about how many people in our world who do not believe in God or are trying to figure out the “God thing” are making the same statement about God: “I can’t see God.”

I am not saying that a person should physically see God to believe in Him. To see the Father is impossible because (1) He is holy and we are sinners – sin cannot stay in His presence and  (2) God is spirit (John 4:24). 

Even though we may not be able to physically see God, is there a “picture” that He has given to help us know Him better? I believe there are two. 

  1. Jesus Christ. Colossians 1:15 tells us that Jesus was a physical representation of who God is. One reason He came to earth was to give the world a picture of what God was like. 
  2. The Church. While Jesus came and gave a clear picture of who God was, He is not present in the manner He was during the first century. So where does the world look to “see God”? Answer: the Church. The Bible calls the Church the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27). Being the Body of Christ, the Church is supposed to show creation a clear picture of God.

With my son’s statement of not being able to “see God,” it makes me ask the question: “how are we as the Church doing at showing God to a world that is looking for Him?”

img_1117Today, this little man turns 9 years old!

Where has the time gone?  My little bear (the boy, not the dog) is growing up so quickly.  God has taught me so much about Himself through this little man.  I count it an honor to have him call me “Dad.”

Happy birthday wishes to you, Little Bear.  May today be the best one ever!

Today has been a busy day around our house.  We celebrated the birthdays of our middle and youngest children today.  Sam turned 6 on June 4th, and Cole will turn 5 on July 14th.  We decided with all the things going on this summer, it would be best for us to have one party for the both of them.  It was fun times.

Since we had many of our family at our house, we decided that today we would also honor and recognize our Sam for finishing his kindergarten year of homeschooling.  He worked hard and did a great job.

One of the things that we have worked with Sam (and his brothers) is memorizing Scripture.  Below is a little video of Sam sharing the verses that he learned this year.  (Proud dad here.)


Yep, that is our little 6 year old sharing Ephesians 6:10-18.  So proud of him. Who says that you can’t memorize the Bible?