Recently, I received a copy of Swipe Right: The Life and Death Power of Sex and Romance by Levi Lusko. I was asked to give an honest review of it, so here we go…

The issue of sex/romance is a powerful one in our world today. Contrary to some popular thoughts, this has been an important issue for the human race for some time. Surprisingly, the modern church has shied away from this topic with many thinking that it is not proper to talk about such things. I couldn’t disagree more.

Levi Lusko has put together a good work that approaches the topics of romance, sex, and relationships from a perspective that speaks to various people well in Swipe Right.

In Swipe Right, Lusko shares various personal stories and truths from the Bible to help point the reader to God’s design for these areas. I think that the personal stories that Lusko shares help build a bridge to the reader and move them to examine the truths from the Bible more than if it they were just shared.

There were times when I was confused at who the audience was.  It would seem to bounce back and forth from adults to teenagers and then back to adults.  Some of the illustrations would show this bounce and had me scratching my head at times.  I did walk away from this “confusion” at times with the thought that youth and adults are struggling with some of the same stuff.  The adults that did not have a chance to hear these truths while they were youth are seeing themselves play the same game that many teenagers are.


I would recommend Swipe Right to any person.  As I stated earlier, these issues need to be addressed by the church.  They are not going away… more and more people who do not hear the truth from God’s word about these topics are going to continue to make mistakes and suffer consequences.