As we come closer and closer to the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, we find ourselves on a very interesting day in history.  This day of “Holy Week” has been called various things throughout the centuries.  The one name that has always struck me as unique is “Spy Wednesday.”

When I think of spies, I think of James Bond and others like him.  Those who go undercover to find out some information.  This seems a little strange to think that there might have been some 007 action going on around Jesus, but we see from the Bible that is exactly what happened.

Then one of the Twelve, the man called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, “What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you? ” So they weighed out thirty pieces of silver for him. 16 And from that time he started looking for a good opportunity to betray him. (Matthew 26:14-16 CSB)

What would cause one of the men who had traveled with Jesus for so long turn on Him?  Judas Iscariot saw Jesus do the same miracles that the other disciples saw.  He saw the healings… the dead brought back to life… the blind receive sight… the lame walk… Yet, he still was willing to sell Jesus out.  Why?

The answer to that question is found in the verses preceding those mentioned earlier.  In Matthew 26:6-13, one will see where a woman comes and anoints Jesus.  She was preparing Him for what was to come in just a few short days.  This woman’s worship was misunderstood by many around her.  They thought it was a waste.  The perfume could have been sold and the money used to help those in need.  It sounds good, but it was not what God wanted with that offering.

How quick are we to just rush into what sounds right?  Do we take the time to ask God what His desires are with our gifts?  We may just find out that His desires are not ours.  We may find out that what God wants doesn’t make the best sense at the time.

Judas Iscariot had been the disciple that was in charge of overseeing the finances for the team (John 13:29).  When one reads of this anointing account from John’s gospel, it is revealed that not only did Judas oversee the finances, but he frequently helped himself to some of the goods (John 12:4-6).  By this we see that one thing that led to Judas’ betrayal was the fact that Jesus had affected his pocketbook.

What areas in your life are there that if Jesus were to mess with would give you problems?

The Bible tells us that the saying of the Christian’s heart is “Jesus is Lord!” This means that He has complete control of everything… even the areas that we really don’t want Him messing with. Let us examine our lives today and make sure that there are no corners of our lives that we have said “no trespassing” to Jesus with.

As we bring every area of our lives under the Lordship of Jesus, we begin to see all the little moments like a “waste of perfume” as the beautiful moments God intends them to be.