This was a statement that one of my sons made to me the other night. We were getting him ready for bed and trying to get him to lay down in his bed. He made the comment that he was afraid. I tried to console him with the words that the Lord was with him so he wouldn’t be alone. 

I thought that I had got him to a point of comfort until he said, “But He is invisible! I can’t see God!”
I will be honest that this statement caught me a little off guard. I wasn’t quite expecting my 6 year old to be at that point yet. But he is. 

This got me to thinking. I wondered about how many people in our world who do not believe in God or are trying to figure out the “God thing” are making the same statement about God: “I can’t see God.”

I am not saying that a person should physically see God to believe in Him. To see the Father is impossible because (1) He is holy and we are sinners – sin cannot stay in His presence and  (2) God is spirit (John 4:24). 

Even though we may not be able to physically see God, is there a “picture” that He has given to help us know Him better? I believe there are two. 

  1. Jesus Christ. Colossians 1:15 tells us that Jesus was a physical representation of who God is. One reason He came to earth was to give the world a picture of what God was like. 
  2. The Church. While Jesus came and gave a clear picture of who God was, He is not present in the manner He was during the first century. So where does the world look to “see God”? Answer: the Church. The Bible calls the Church the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27). Being the Body of Christ, the Church is supposed to show creation a clear picture of God.

With my son’s statement of not being able to “see God,” it makes me ask the question: “how are we as the Church doing at showing God to a world that is looking for Him?”