Those are words that I’m sure have come across all of our lips at some point in time. There are just some things out there that we cannot ever see ourselves doing. When those little moments do talk place in our lives, we hear these words come from our mouths.

This scene took place in my life this past week. I had gone to what I thought was an information meeting for something in our little town. What I walked away with was much more. I found myself as one of the new members of our local fire department.

Those who know me well might just be picking your jaw off the floor. I have never thought of being a firefighter or serving on the volunteer department. It has just not been something on my radar. So what changed?

img_0119-2When God led my family to our current place of service, I wondered how different it would be. We have mostly been in larger cities, but for the past couple of years we have been living in a very small town. In a small town, there is not the ability many times to have a regular fire department. These small communities rely on volunteers from the community to help out.

Another big reason that I decided to join our local fire department is to serve our community. As a pastor in the area, it is important to show the community that I am not just concerned with people coming to our church, but I am concerned about the community. I want to make a difference in our community. I want the people of our community to know that I (and our church) want to serve and make our community great. There are few things in a small town like a volunteer fire department to show this.

What are you doing in the place God has placed you to show the community that you are FOR them?